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Those who are lucky enough to have beautiful sash windows in their period or listed properties will know the great benefits of having them. A large majority of the sashes are original, fabricated with top quality slow grown timber that is as good as hardwood and have lasted as long as the property and there is no reason they cannot last forever if regularly maintained.

Unfortunately, as they are as old as the building and can be difficult to access, your sash windows may be looking the worse for wear with chipped paint and cracked putty and layers of excess paint that prevents the windows from moving freely. 

But don’t despair the Somerset Sash Window Company team will be able to restore them cost effectively so that they look as good as the day they were installed.

the process


When we undertake a sash window restoration project, we remove the sashes,
board up the windows and take them to our workshop. This allows us to fully
control the conditions and allow do a far thorough job than working from
scaffolding and ladders where, the often rainy and freezing British weather
conditions can prevent us from carrying a through task.

Firstly, we remove the old window furniture and where possible restore. We
can – also supply a full range of new period furniture and security locks.

We then fully sand all paint off back to the bare wood and carry out any not
and rot and timber repairs required. We are, at this stage, able to replace any
part of the sash that is beyond repair with a hardwood replica.

We then take all the old putty as this is often cracked, which allows water ingress, or has built up excessively over years and detracts from the appearance of the sash. We then replace any broken or cracked panes and re putty using a putty replacement that has a 15-year guarantee.

We also can install beautiful period etched glass where privacy is required in bathrooms and hallways.

We then fully re paint your windows inside and out using Dulux Weathershield to any finish type and colour you require.

After taking great care cleaning the glass your beautifully restored sash windows are ready to reinstall in conjunction with our excellent Draught proofing service.

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