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Draught Proofing & Overhaul

Draught Proofing

Sliding wooden sash windows lend great character to a period building and when working correctly allow essential ventilation in summer and winter.

Often though they have been over painted the sash cords have broken or the frames may have swollen, and they no longer operate as they should. When they were originally installed in Georgian and Victorian properties the windows required sufficient gaps in order to operate correctly without damaging them.

The Somerset Sash Window Company are expert in sorting these problems out for you and we have designed a draught proofing system that will overcome these problems and greatly enhance your windows with the introduction of hidden brushes. We operate in Bristol, Bath and throughout Somerset using high quality traditional timber staff and parting beadings, supplied by Reddiseals that keeps the aesthetic look of your windows whilst also incorporating hidden brushes in the top of the higher sash and in the meeting rail of the lower sash.

This greatly reduces your draughts to 98% and also reduces noise from outside traffic and allowing your windows to glide easily over them once installed.

We always re-balance your weights, as the sashes have often had new glass installed which is heavier than the original, to ensure they operate correctly by adding lead weights over your existing cast iron weights.

We always re-cord with high quality English wax cotton cord.

Whilst we have your windows out on site to rout them out in preparation for the brushes we carry out a full overhaul of your window frame and cill. 

This would involve fully sanding the inner frame and cill, carrying any rot repairs that are required with timber or epoxy mortar filler and painting internally with two coats of undercoat and also then fully glossing the exterior beadings and frame and cills. 

We service your pulleys to prevent any squeaking and if there not working can install new pulleys.

At this point we can fit new window furniture and locks where required.

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